Anyone out there care to explain to me why “bitch” is considered a slur?

I understand why “slut” and “whore” are considered bad, considering that there’s no real equivalent to call males, giving males an unfair “power” of sorts of being able to call out females merely for promiscuity and stuff

And stuff like derogatory terms towards trans or black people also has no real equivalent, again giving cis and white people unfair terms to use.

But “bastard” carries pretty much the same amount of weight as “bitch.” At the very least, even if you want to argue that “bitch” carries a bit more weight (for some reason I don’t know why since both words are little more than gendered insults), wouldn’t you want people to stop using both?

People also seem to not realize that Potato Salad guy is providing a service. Entertainment. People find amusement in imagining a $50,000 potato salad. Is that substantial entertainment? No. Is it worth the $1-2 dollars that the vast, vast majority of people donated? Sure.

It’s ridiculous and it’s easy to see why some people would feel insulted when they have tight funds, but you know what? Anyone can come up with something just as funny, wait a while so this blows over, and make their own low-value comedic thing and hope for the best.

This potato salad kickstarter is just the biggest evidence that tumblr users look for misogyny and find it where it’s not instead of living life and finding it where it is.

Wanna argue it’s a bit ridiculous that the guy’s getting so much money when there are people in need? Fine, that’s a valid point.

All these people claiming it’s because he’s male and has white privelage, though… First of all, anyone could have made this joke. I didn’t notice his name. Or I guess I did, since it’s up at the top, I just tuned it out; how could I have not? The thing is about potato salad, not who makes it.

And second of all, did anyone actually know he was white before he went on TV? I’m pretty sure not. And at that point, he already had $30,000. But yeah, totally just getting all this money due to *~privilege~*

This whole thing with Shailene Woodley saying she isn’t a feminist is hilarious. Once again, tumblr feminists care way more about someone using a label than they do that the person actually wants equal rights. But then again, what else is new?

Honestly I find it pretty hard to believe that the video is that racist with 90% of the people involved being Japanese.

Like yeah, I guess the video does perpetuate some stuff that could be considered stereotypes, but is it really harmful when you see a white girl doing all this stuff? If anything it’s showing she’s ignorant and nothing about actual Japanese people. And even calling it ignorant is a stretch. From the video it just looks like she’s ridiculously weeaboo. Which is bad but. That’s a lot of people.

That argument “Well Japanese people could get fired if they go against her so they’re probably being forced to make it racist!” is ridiculous though. There is 0% confirmation that this has actually happened, and I have not seen one reference to the fact being true on a general level. Anyone have any evidence for that? Because that would certainly strengthen it, but even with it, it’s still nothing more than a possibility.

People criticizing John Green over everything is just like???????? Laverne Cox definitely deserved to be on the list, but are people really ripping him apart when there were plenty of others who also were just… Iffy.

He said that it was “disappointing” that she wasn’t on the list. And yeah. That’s what it was. Disappointing. Just because he didn’t write a seven paragraph post on WHY it was disappointing doesn’t change the fact that he still wished that she was on the list.

And some people said him being on and Cox not was ‘violence.’ Can we please not completely desensitize the use of that word? Thanks.

Tumblr:You shouldn't be limited by what others tell you to wear
Tumblr:Unless it's a fedora then go to Hell

Okay, so pretty much everyone’s seen the blog Social Justice Wario. Started as a joke, elevated to one of the most popular Social Justice blogs. Well, I don’t like it. Big surprise. Well, starting from the beginning, I want to say that the blog does a lot of good. I mean, a lot of its education is very good, and boosting resources for people who need it is just… Helpful. There’s a very good side to this blog.

There’s also a very neutral side. Just using the first few pages, I can find a good number of posts that are just… Stuff. Nothing great. Nothing bad. Just reblogs with “wawawa” or some miscellaneous comment (although mostly wawawa) added to it.

However, things get problematic as you delve into it. There are dozens upon dozens of posts that I could comment on, but I’m going to dissect about ten or so of them and then address the main problems.

(This will probably be messily organized so please bare with me)

First of all, Wario’s glorification of feminists and disdain for MRAs is typical… Over-feminist syndrome. Blatantly ignoring the problems in feminism and demonizing MRAs as much as possible. If something negative about feminists is brought up, Wario immediately disregards the negativity and just derails it, choosing to slam on males/MRAs. As seen in this post, someone asks about what Wario thinks of feminists who truly believe women are superior to men. This is truly not a majority of feminists, but calling them a small part of the group is an exaggeration. His response?

That’s right, ignore the fact that there are bad feminists. Just don’t acknowledge it. However, when someone says they want to be a good MRA, Wario basically says “don’t join that group, they have a ton of people that suck.” Now, I have to say this is a special post because Wario says “for the love of Rosalina.” It is the blue moon; the series the character is from is actually being mentioned in a post that wasn’t about that in the first place. Anyway, Wario seems to care a lot more about what someone calls themself than what they actually do. The fact that he mostly talks about what to do in ways that have more to do with feminism is irrelevant and will be touched upon later.

Then we have things like Social Justice Wario’s opinion on things like racism against white people. A lot of stuff will be written on it soon, but for now I want to bring up the example of how even though he claims to “learn and try to be a better person,” he often says he will then reverts. In this post, it’s mentioned how a POC called him out and gave examples of white people and males (and I guess white males but whatever) being oppressed. Wario seems to focus on the POC part so I will too. The post basically ends up saying “I was wrong to oppose a POC; I should have listened.” However, in future posts, Wario quite clearly states he thinks racism against white people is bullshit. He goes as far to say that even in other countries, white people aren’t oppressed. Let’s ignore how Europe and America centric this view point is (because oh yeah, commonly known that those places have the biggest population). Did Wario learn from his previous confrontation? Well, if he did, he’s ignoring the viewpoint he was taught. Even though he said he should listen to her, after his conversation with her he spews the same stuff he did earlier. So basically Wario says he’ll learn from people and later on says the exact same stuff he was saying before. He refuses to admit he won’t change his opinions, yet he refuses to change them. How progressive.

Then there’s other stuff. Like how Wario says SJWs don’t have to educate people. I mean, yeah. But then other people don’t have to validate your viewpoint.

Then there’s posts like this which make a bunch of claims. Oh? YOU haven’t seen that stuff? A person who goes out of their way to demonize MRAs HASN’T looked for positive things about MRAs? This isn’t a perfect argument against that. Because yeah. MRAs are fairly shitty. (Not that feminists are that much better.) But when I tried looking for this stuff, do you know what I almost exclusively found? People complaining about mens rights. Yeah, a thing here or there contradictory to that post, but here’s a shocking idea: Maybe if mens rights weren’t demonized by feminists they would be able to make progress???????? Urgh

Stuff like "Durr fixing the Patriarchy will fix all of men’s issues/disassembling white supremacy will fix all of white people’s problems/etc" It’s just. Wow. I fail to see how getting rid of the patriarchy would make the draft fair, or how it would make courts less likely to have males be 99% of death row inmates, or how 30% of paternity tests are later found out to be fraud, or how men are 76% of homicide victims. Can a lot of these problems be worked towards with accordance to women’s problems? Sure! They can be similar. But saying they can be solved through the same method is wrong. Other problems yes. Plus saying things like “men’s problems are a splinter” is gross. Someone can be three times as likely to be murdered, have the potential to be drafted, and can lose out on a fraction of their hard earned cash for 18 years because a woman wrote their name? No. Saying this is nothing is just. Gross.

Stuff like this. Straaaaaaaawmaaaaaaaan. With SJW it’s actually pretty funny how they complain “people always derail conversations from minorities” and if someone asks a perfectly civil question about a problem a majority faces, they just brush it off as nothing and move on to a minority.

Stuff like this. Just… A: White cis people made youtube, B: people like Vlogbrothers and Pewdiepie have donated millions to charity, etc. It just can’t be “don’t let jerks make videos” because that would imply white cis males can be nice and minorities can be imperfect!

Yes kids. Laugh at hurt people.

Keep that last one in mind as I go off the rails and talk about more general stuff. So let’s first talk about how crappy the persona is. It really is just “I’ll put my opinion on Wario’s face and add ‘wahahaha!’” It’s not just lazy, it’s basically… Well, what it is. My opinion, wahaha. My opinion, wahaha. If there was even some variety it would be almost excusable but it’s always that phrase, always at the beginning or end of the post, almost always bolded… It’s so repetitive. Yet people like it? Again, this will be important in the conclusion.

Then my next big thing is the mindset that “opressed people have it all bad, privileged have it all easy.” I remember some post he made earlier about how ‘being a minority is like playing life on hard mode.’ I can’t really put my finger on it, but that statement really rubs me the wrong way. 

Okay I’m getting tired but let’s just get to the big thing at the end.

This blog is horrible because so many people like it. There are many people out there who have shitty SJ blogs. However, this one is reaching a wide number of people through a very lazy persona of Wario (which I guess is fitting for Wario but still). This person transmits their harmful opinions every day, and then just… Spread it. They’re manipulating people through a character (grade-A asshole move, trying to make you accept their opinion because they’re playing your nostalgia like a musical instrument), and then putting harmful things in their head.

However, even though the stuff up there is a lot worse, I have to admit. The reason the blog infuriates me so much is the attitude that it’s okay to bully white/cis/male/etc people. Now, calling it bully may be a bit of an exaggeration. It’s not usually 1 on 1 at all. However, even when people say “Hey, maybe you shouldn’t be mean to these people”, Wario just responds “I’m gonna keep being mean to these people. They have it easy.” If I remember correctly, the response was along the lines of “If the biggest thing they have to worry about is that people are mean to them on the internet, I think they can take it.”

No no no no no fuck you.

Me? Yeah. I can take it. I realize these people are venting. That doesn’t make it okay. How the hell do you know you’re not pushing them over the edge? How do you know your words won’t be the ones that make them kill themselves, or (and this is obviously much less horrible but still) just give up on trying to be politically correct altogether? More than one friend of mine tried going into social justice but as white people, they just couldn’t take the constant criticism. Do you live in some magical world where people ONLY have problems based on stuff like sex and skin color? That’s great if you do, but I don’t have that pleasure. I have to deal with my life, and I have to deal with sometimes if I come home to a shitty, mean spirited post after a long day, I can just get so down I don’t do anything for the rest of the day.

"But Wario usually isn’t serious! He’s never TOO mean to privileged people?"

You know what, fine if that’s your opinion whatever, but this guy’s follower count is enormous. Do you realize he sets an effing example? As in people look to him what to do? He’s telling a huge number of users, “hey, it’s cool to make people feel bad as long as you do it generally.” And that. Is not. Cool.

If anyone wants to say I’m butthurt or whatever, please do. Make my day.

And Social Justice Wario, if you ever read this, here. I notice you like to look at posts criticizing you, look for the weakest point (oh look, this post has three good sources and one yahoo answers as a source BETTER FOCUS ON THAT ONE ONLY), so here’s a link to the church of sciencetology.

It’s funny how feminism seems to attribute “friendzoning” to males only. In real life, I hear men and women use it almost an exactly equal number of times (admittedly maybe male more but I still definitely hear it from both genders, and yes, both genders complaining of it).

It also rapidly changes the definition of it (I mean it’s a viable thing that you might like someone and they think of you as a friend and you’re sad about it????) but whatever

A legitimate question to feminists: Why is it that it’s completely horrible to have songs that can (even if it’s not super subtle) be construed as being about rape, but it’s perfectly fine that there are songs blatantly about murdering someone? I’ve seen hundreds of complaints about the former, and never one about the latter.

The idea that it could be triggering to rape survivors is there, but… There are plenty of people who have survived general torture. Are they less important?